The Importance of Holy Week

It’s Holy Week, and I’m ecstatic! It can be a busy time to work at a parish, but I have always found it to be a blessing. I find the different liturgies moving as they highlight the various aspects of Jesus’ full humanity and divinity. We have the opportunity as Catholics to walk through the milestones and key aspects of Jesus’ ministry in a week. It’s not that the faith is more important for this one week, but the liturgical year does reach a new height of celebration and this week is a beautiful testament and capstone to what our faith is all about: a radical, humble, selfless, and pure love that has and will continue to shake the foundations of the Earth.

I share with you this image that depicts the different stages of the week.


We go from Palm Sunday, to Holy Thursday, where we have the washing of the feet and celebrate the institution of the Eucharist, to Good Friday, the passion of our Lord, and then finally to the Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday.

There is nothing more royal than the shouts of “Hosanna”, and there is nothing as humbling as the creator of the universe washing the feet of those whom he loves and wishes to serve. There is nothing more awesome yet familiar than sharing a meal with friends that has become the foundation of our Catholic Tradition and tradition, yet is always a miracle. There is nothing more anguished yet moving than remembering Christ’s sacrifice of his life on behalf of his love of all people. And there is nothing more victorious and glorious than a promise fulfilled, a promise of new life that signifies salvation and grace.

So please consider walking through this week with your Catholic community and think about attending any and all of the liturgies throughout this week, especially if you have never attended one of them before. You can view the St. Maurice schedule by clicking on this sentence. I hope you can join us at St. Maurice or elsewhere for this most holy of weeks!

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