Youth Ministry

Young people are not only the future of our Church but they are a vital part of it today! They serve the parish in many ways  as CCD aides, contemporary and bell choir members, Liturgy of the Word team members, altar servers and active members of youth ministry.

St Maurice Youth Ministry helps students in grades 7-12 learn what it means to be disciples of Christ by working to serve others and build a world based on Christ centered values. Key components of effective youth ministry include advocacy, catechesis, community life, evangelization, justice, peace and service, leadership development, pastoral care and guidance, and prayer and worship. By sharing opportunities for fun, friendship, education, and serving others, youth ministry helps foster healthy adolescent development and the spiritual growth of our young people.

Typical events involve monthly meetings that include a program, planning and fellowship, catechetical sessions,  local, diocesan and national service projects, retreatsevenings of reflection and conferences on the diocesan, national and international level. All events are age appropriate, some things for junior high, some for senior high, and some combined.

Youth ministry programming has to change and adapt according to the needs of the young people. So all teens, young adults, parents, and grandparents are invited to come together to help build the youth activities and programs.

Contact information for youth ministry:

Additional information is available by email to Joyce Gillooly or by phoning (412) 271-6606.  Information is also available through the Parish Bulletin and on Facebook at


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