Wedding Liturgy Planning


Wedding Liturgies

Music is an important part of the wedding celebration.  Sacred music not only serves to underscore the joyous event but provides lyrical accompaniment for the holy sacrament of matrimony.

St. Maurice offers a variety of musical options including Organist/Pianist, St. Maurice Choir, St. Maurice Cantor, Soloists/Instrumentalists and Brass/String Ensemble.

Independent, specific soloist(s) or instrumentalist(s) requested by the couple, and participating in the wedding are subject to approval by the Director of Music and the Pastor. The couple is re-sponsible for independently contracting any instrumentalist(s)/soloist(s) who is/are not provided by St. Maurice. Special Requests should be made with as much notice as possible to allow for adequate preparation time for those involved.

Specific details may be found in the Saint Maurice Parish Wedding Guidelines.

Please contact our Director of Music, Norman E. Chapman,  at 412-271-6265 or email for additional details and information.

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