September 9, 2018

On Mission Mass Time Announcement: A while back, the priests of our grouping (both outgoing and incoming) met to discuss what future Mass times might best serve our grouping. In collaboration, Fr. Semler, Fr. Lynam and I helped Fr. Larry understand our Mass schedule, Mass
attendance counts, and the participation rates of the Sacrament of Reconciliation for each of our parishes. Fr. Larry then met with his fellow incoming clergy (priests and deacons) to determine what might be best for On Mission grouping. After prayer and consultation a proposal was submitted to the diocese for weekday, Sunday, and Holy Day Mass times, as well as for confessions. That proposal was reviewed and approved by diocesan officials in light of the Mass/Confession times being offered in neighboring groupings. This weekend those Mass/Confession times are
being announced across the diocese. Next week, the Pittsburgh Catholic will list all the Mass/Confession times for each parish in the diocese.

The new weekday schedule is effective on Monday, October 15, 2018, and the weekend schedule begins with the Vigil Masses on Saturday, October 20, 2018. Please remember that this schedule is interim, which means it will be evaluated and adjusted as necessary, after the clergy team has had sufficient time to celebrate Masses and determine, with your feedback, how it suits the pastoral needs of all the parishioners in our grouping. The schedule accommodates as best as possible the number of priests assigned to our grouping, the seating capacity of the churches, parking availability, accessibility, Sunday religious education schedules, and geography and travel time between churches. Hopefully, this schedule will strengthen our worship and empower us to go into the world spreading the Good News in word and deed!

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