September 30, 2018

Email Scam Alert: Once again we are being hit by an online/email scam. This time someone has created a google email of revfather890123654 which identifies itself as Rev. Kenneth W. Marlovits. This is NOT me. Most likely, the only people receiving emails from this account are employees with the parish or East Catholic School. However, in today’s information saturated world, this imposter may be able to locate others who have a connection to the parish or school. For this reason I want you to know that I am not contacting you via email. The likelihood that I would do so is very small, but if I were to actually reach out to you it would either be from the email listed in the front of this bulletin or from my @diopitt account. If you have fallen for any online scams involving the parish or my name, please contact the Parish Center Office and I will assist you in resolving any problems that arose due to the scam.

Please do not respond to any email that seems suspicious and never open an attachment unless you are 100% sure it is from a trusted source.

Diaper Bank Update: Matthias Brucker set out to accomplish his Eagle Scout Project of establishing a diaper bank by working with the Interfaith Ministries of Forest Hills, also known as the Forest Hills Ministerium. This Ministerium is a combined approach of service for Christ through the joining efforts and recourse of the churches in Forest Hills. These churches are Forest Hills Presbyterian, Hope Lutheran, Christ Lutheran, and St. Maurice.

In the initial stage of the FHMDB Matthias is speaking at each church informing the congregations about his Eagle Scout Project and the need for diapers. Immediately following his presentation, a diaper drive, lasting one month, is being conducted at each church. As the diapers are collected they are being stored in the rectory of Saint Maurice. Currently Matthias is fixing up two rooms, making them one by tearing down a wall and repairing plaster and the ceiling to create the actual space for the diaper bank.

Currently, the final touches of the chartering document, as well as the organizational structure to oversee the distribution and continuation of the FHMDB, are nearing completion.

If you are interested in being involved in the operation of the diaper bank you are asked to contact Fr. Ken. He will provide you with a copy of the chartering document and walk you through the diaper bank’s organizational structure, operational guidelines, and the vision (and hope) to sustain this wonderful ministry.

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