September 2, 2018

This week I wish to share with you some of my random thoughts from the past few weeks:

• I am called to be a Saint and so are you! I need to step up my game.

• I entered the seminary after the 2002 scandal because I wanted to defend the one I loved – Jesus Christ and His bride the Church. I firmly believe other men will answer the call to the priesthood in this crisis to ensure that the Church is defended and her honor restored.

• It is time for the best-of-the-best to step forward and see that ministry and leadership within the Church is a noble and honorable profession.

• I don’t want to get married or see priestly celibacy removed because I know that my calling to the priesthood is grounded in a love for others that differs from the love of a spouse and family. I have always loved others in a way that was focused on them and not us – – a love that prepared them to go forth to love others and not the beautiful God-given, grace-filled love calling us to marriage and family life. Celibacy is a gift, a grace, and the joy of my love.

• Humility is the path forward and I chose to move forward aligned with the meek and the humble.

• The Church needs to embrace its own poverty as exampled by Saint Francis of Assisi. Our current Pope’s name is not by happenstance but by divine providence showing us the way forward.

• Division and discord are of the Devil and we cannot let it interfere with our charity towards one another.

• Sometimes the only thing I can figure out to do is take my next step in the right direction – – to do what is good and just in the very moment I’m in since most of the time the future is so unknown and frightening.

• God comforts me through the readings at Mass, in the Eucharist and through the Divine Office. He always places the words I need before me and into my heart. God is good!

• The people of Saint Maurice Parish are a beautiful example of the living Church.

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