September 10, 2017

PLEASE NOTE!!! Side exit, through the school building, to the lower/back parking lot/playground: You will notice a new sign on the door by the main restroom of the church. This sign advises that this door is alarmed and monitored by security cameras. It also states that this delayed egress doorway is not an emergency exit (the emergency exit is to the right). Please note the following concerning use of this doorway and staircase. During the week, when school is in session, this doorway is NOT to be used. As indicated, the door is alarmed and monitored on both sides via our campus video security. Attempting to use this door will activate the alarm. Access to East Catholic School may only occur through the main entrance and in accord with the school’s policies. There is no access to the school from the church for non-school personnel. On weekends (and for special events) this door and stairway will still be used to grant access to Keane Hall, CCD classrooms, and the lower/back parking lot. The alarm will be turned off (security cameras are never turned off). If these doors happen to be closed on the weekend, you can ignore the sign and continue to use this as an exit of convenience. But please, in case of an emergency, use the designated church emergency exits which are to the right of these doors. This modification has eliminated the need to block off access to the church’s restroom and to the Davin Room during the week. Obviously, not having access to the restroom during the week, especially during funerals, is less than ideal.

What’s up with On Mission: Although we have not been talking about On Mission as much recently, it is important that you keep yourself informed of what is happening. There are several ways to do this. Our On Mission Bulletin Board will continue to provide you with the latest update−this is the bulletin board beside the sacristy. You are encouraged to read the Pittsburgh Catholic each week for updates. The On Mission website is constantly being updated and has wonderful resources helping to guide us through the process. Of course, if you use social media, you can check either the diocese’s sites or our own parish website, Facebook page, or twitter account.

A brief outline of On Mission events that are taking place includes: The On Mission Commission has reviewed all parish feedback and is preparing its recommendations for Bishop Zubik; the priests and deacons of the diocese are beginning to be interviewed in preparation for the announcements of assignments which should occur near the end of April; and Bishop Zubik has scheduled a number of meetings to review the recommendations of the boards who collected On Mission feedback.

It is important to note that, based upon the feedback the diocese has received, modifications have been made to previously announced timelines as well as initial groupings. The diocese is responding to the feedback that the church is providing which, while adding some stress to those who like things neat and direct, allows for the best possible plan to be in place upon initiation. So, yes, change is still a big part of the On Mission process−and will continue to be! It is still true that no final decisions have been made! May we all continue to pray for the success of On Mission and to keep ourselves informed of the latest news and events concerning the process and implementation of On Mission for the Church Alive!

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