Safe Environment Policy

Dear Co-Worker in Christ:

We are all aware of the grave problem of the abuse of children that exists within society. Each of us must do all that we can to help protect those children entrusted to us. This is especially important for those that work and minister in the Church. As a critical part of our safe environment policy for young people, the Diocese of Pittsburgh is creating a centralized electronic database of those that work and minister in the Church who have contact with young people under the age of 18. To create this secured diocesan database, all who have contact with the youth of our parish are now
required to create an electronic file by completing an application. This includes any clergy, religious, employee or volunteer in the parish who have contact with youth in their work or ministry.

The centralized diocesan database is our means to ensure that the Church – locally and nationally – not only fulfills the mandate of the Church in the United States as outlined in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People and the clear requirements of the 2004 diocesan policy, but also meets the requirements of state and federal law.

Most important, this centralized database is vital in sustaining a safe environment for our children throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh. We can expect nothing less of ourselves as we seek not only to fulfill mandates, but indeed to be the standard-bearer in society for the protection of young people.

Completing the application that will create your file for the diocesan database will take about 20 minutes of your time. If you have access to the Internet at home, at work, or at the local library, you can complete the application online. If you do not have access to the Internet, or are uncomfortable completing the application online, you can obtain a
paper copy of the application, fill it out and return it to the parish. Instructions on how to access the database is in a PDF file found below.

Ten Easy Steps to Create Your Electronic File
Diocese of Pittsburgh online database

In addition to the database, a Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance Form and a signed “Acknowledgment of Receipt Reporting of Child Abuse and the Child Protective Services Law of Pennsylvania” must be completed. Click here for the PA Child Abuse Clearance Form. The “Acknowledgment of Receipt” can be found on the last page of the “Reporting of Child Abuse and The Child Protective Services Law of Pennsylvania” booklet available in PDF form.

Thank you so much for all you do for the Church, and for helping to ensure that our parishes, schools and ministries are safe environments for our children.

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