October 29, 2017

Embracing the Social Media World: For a very long time communication of parish activities has relied on church bulletins.  Although this form of communication is still effective for the “church going Catholics” it is not the best form of evangelization in our current world.   As you can see on a weekly basis, Mass attendance fluctuates (and this isn’t a St. Maurice issue alone).  In light of this reality, our parish is forging ahead in the social media world with the hope of reaching more people with essential information and evangelization.  Our recent steps have included a presence on Twitter and Facebook and the introduction of the video display (shown at the Welcome Desk during weekend Masses and throughout the week on our webpage).  I invite you to follow the parish on the web and to use social media as a means to learn more about the faith, keep current with parish activities, and share your own joy of being Catholic.

I would also like to highlight what you and your family do at home to live the Catholic Faith. I remember, as I am sure many of you do as well, the “good old days” of walking into my grandparent’s house and immediately being met with the holy water font.  Do you have a home holy water font? A special prayer place? Do you celebrate November in a special way?  Do your children play Mass?  Are you willing to share pictures with the parish family and our social media family?  If so, please send me a picture that highlights your family’s celebration of being Catholic. Send the pictures to kmarlovits@saintmauriceparish.org.

FYI: As part of the Parish Pastoral Plan we have been upgrading our technology on the campus. Part of this includes updating our social media capabilities and general use of web-based resources. I have been asked if the parish would publish an online calendar. This is a project currently in the works. Right now the parish staff is in the process of mastering a parish google calendar; and once we reach mastery (or very close to it) we will be in position to publish that online.

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