October 14, 2018

There is so much to be thankful for: As I write this last bulletin article I am filled with gratitude for my time being with all of you. You are wonderful people, but more importantly you are wonderful Catholics who truly embody the name Christian. So I say thank you…

  • For your kindness, prayers, and consideration during my illness. You have been wonderful to me. Truly, when I was ill you cared for me.
  • For your unconditional welcome to me during a very challenging time (not only losing a beloved pastor of over 15 years – and a great man in Fr. John, but also upon the dawning of On Mission). Truly, when I was a stranger you welcomed me.
  • For walking with me on the winding road of On Mission. Never did you lose focus on the truth of what Church is or how we are to be Church/Christ to one another.
  • For constantly expanding the social outreach of this parish during my time here. You have continued to build upon the success of the past reaching out to those in need and adjusting ministry to meet the present needs of our community.
  • For your faithfulness during these last few weeks as our diocese was faced with a horrible unveiling of scandal. Our faith in Christ and His True Church remained strong, which not only supported me but aided those whose faith was shaken and tested. You were (are) a light in the darkness for others.
  • For sharing your stories of encounters with the Lord. I have loved hearing how God is alive in your life.
  • For sharing your sorrows and struggles so that I could pray with you and offer sacrifice on your behalf.
  • For your continued welcome and generosity shown to Fr. Daniel, not only a brother priest but a much loved friend.
  • For sharing your talents through the choir, serving at the altar, being a reader or Extraordinary Minister of Holy
    Communion, a greeter, an usher, a sacristan, a money counter, a Welcome Desk attendant, or a church decorator for Easter and/or Christmas. Basically, I just need to say thanks for being a parish where people are so willing to give their time.
  • For the wonderful generosity you have shown the parish, our sister parish and any and every group that has approached us requesting assistance. Not only have you given your time and talent, but you have so often given your treasure, too.

    My list could go on and on. My personal thank-yous are more numerous than I can count. To those of you who have given me gifts and cards in the past week, I thank you and I hope to send you an individual note. I’ll do my best at that but, honestly, it isn’t a strength of mine. Please know, however, you will be in my prayers and I will be forever grateful.

    Thank you all for the love you have shared with me. You have made me a part of the Saint Maurice family and nothing can take that away – – – not time, not distance, not a new assignment. I will be with you and you with me in our hearts and, more importantly, in the Eucharist. Thank you and may God’s love always reign in your hearts.

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