October 1, 2017

Prayer and Fellowship for our Readers: All parish readers are invited to an evening of prayer and fellowship. The evening, Sunday, October 8, will begin at 7:00 PM with Evening Prayer in the Chapel and then conclude with a social in the Davin Room (this will be the showcase of the Davin Room as a reception area!). All readers of the parish are invited to join us for this relaxing evening in which the parish can show our appreciation and we can enjoy time together. In order to properly prepare the reception, you are asked to RSVP either by signing up in the Robing Room or by e-mail to Joyce Gillooly at jgillooy@saintmauriceparish.org.

Sister Parish Update: Father Daniel, the Parish Pastoral Council, and I would like to thank everyone who continues to help us fulfill our parish pastoral plan of forging a strong bond with a sister parish. As of today, the balance in our Sister Parish account is an outstanding $6,810.99. Since sending Fr. Daniel home with $10,000 in August, we have since raised $2,678 from the Mum Sale and our two events at local restaurants raised $340.29 (Applebee’s) and $110.22 (Buffalo Wild Wings). Many of you have contributed directly to the Sister Parish program, as well. Keep an eye out on the thermostat in our narthex to see the progress – – it will soon be updated with these numbers. Also, keep an eye out for information on a forthcoming “raise-the-roof” big ticket event designed to get our Sister Parish the funds it needs (in a short period of time) to put a roof on before the rainy season arrives.

What if you missed the Blessing of the Pets? Traditionally, the blessing of pets is celebrated on October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, or at a time near that date convenient for a parish celebration. Did you miss our blessing of pets on Saturday? Don’t fear, you can still bless your pet. The prayer of blessing which you can use to bless your pets at home can be picked up at the Welcome Desk. Don’t forget your holy water; extra containers are on the Holy Exchange table if needed. Blessed salt will also be available at the Welcome Desk if you want to add that to the holy water for the blessing.

Water Issue Update: As we began the process to solve the water problem impacting the space between the church structure and the school we removed one tree and dug up the area outside of the principal’s office. In doing so we uncovered the original stairs leading to the milk delivery door of the school. This door was covered over when the church building was constructed. We did expect to find the door but not the stairs. We also discovered that our French drain system is working and in good condition. That is good news; however, the drain was depositing water into the base of the stairs and had no way to escape other than by entering the building. After examining all our options, we have installed a collection basin and pump system to move the water away from the building and into the drain system. We are confident that this will be a permanent solution to the water problem that has been impacting both the church and school for the past several years.

Stephens Ministry Training: We were blessed to have eight people attend the informational session on Stephen Ministry this past weekend at Saint Bernard Parish. Those in attendance were moved to believe that this would be a very beneficial ministry to bring to our parish. Those who attended, as well as our ministerial staff, will meet soon to determine our next steps in this process. Basically, the next step is to identify and then train two leaders (these leaders are different than the Stephen Ministers themselves).

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