November 5, 2017

Health Update: First off, I want to thank all of you for your continued prayers. I recently joked with some that if I don’t get back to 100% soon people’s faith will be shaken. But, of course, we as Catholics know that illness is part of the great mystery of salvation. We may not understand it, but we do know how to deal with it. When faced with illness we have the option to join our suffering with Christ in such a way that brings us closer to Him (or we can depend on methods to avoid all pain and suffering). Contrary to what seems to be the logical choice, our faith ensures us that our illnesses, suffering, and pain are bearable only when faced head on with the Lord−and following doctor’s orders.

Over the past two weeks I followed my doctor’s instructions and had a bone marrow biopsy and a PET/CT scan. Both tests were to check for cancer. I am very pleased to report that all my tests showed that I am healthy! No cancer. However, I am still dealing with a blood disease. For the next few months I will be taking a low dose of steroid to maintain healthy blood counts. I will slowly be taken off this medicine and the hope is that when this occurs my body will be back to normal. I am very hopeful that, as my treatment moves forward, my body will respond and my overall energy and focus will improve. In the meantime, please keep me in your prayers.

A joy to meet a native son called to the ordained life: This past week I meet Deacon William F. Strathmann. You may know him. His home parish (the one he grew up in) is Saint Maurice. Deacon Bill is the first person who I have met who was raised at our parish and responded to the call to a religious vocation. I often ask parishioners if any native children became seminarians, male or female religious, deacons or priests. To this point no one has identified any. Deacon Bill changes this narrative. If you know of anyone else, please let me know. More importantly, if you know someone in our parish who you think has a religious vocation let him or her know. You might be surprised that 4 out of 5 men ordained to the priesthood in 2017 were urged to consider the priesthood by someone from their parish. If you are interested in more details about vocations check our twitter feed for the article 4 Ways to Promote Priestly Vocations in Your Parish (written by Brenton Cordeiro and published on

Two new ministries: Please see details in this bulletin about two exciting new opportunities at our parish. One is an adult education program called Becoming Confidently Catholic (a modification of our occasional series from last year called Confident Catholic). The other is a ministry to families with infants and young children to provide them an opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist together and find support and fellowship following Saturday morning Mass.

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