November 4, 2018

This week, we tried out our interim holy day schedule for the first time, for All Saints day. I just wanted to spend a little time explaining what some of the thoughts were behind the holyday schedule.

Our daily schedules always attempt to allow us to have the ability to celebrate one or more funeral Masses. With this in mind, our holy day schedule attempts to allow us to celebrate two Vigil Masses, two holy day Masses, and also keep the normally scheduled Mass of the day. (In that way, Fr. Mohler or I would still be able to schedule a funeral if necessary.)

We decided to celebrate an early Mass on the holy day itself at Madonna del Castello, since those who want to go to Mass before work on a holy day of obligation would be able to do so, and then jump on the Parkway to go to work. We also decided to place an evening Mass at St. Maurice.

For some holy days, we’ll alter the schedule. (For instance, I’m thinking that if I offer a 7:00 AM Mass on New Year’s Day, I’m not going to get many people interested in getting up early on a day off; so we’re thinking of pushing that Mass to later in the morning.)

No schedule will be perfect, but we’re trying to take into account as many concerns as possible. As always, if you have any questions, please ask me!

Fr. Larry

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