November 18, 2018

Every year, we gather with friends and loved ones and celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether it’s a meal, the football games, or shopping that is the focus of our celebration, we gather and celebrate in a way that’s meaningful to us.

As Thanksgiving approaches, do you mind if I offer a challenge for us all? This year, focus in on the people in your life, rather than on the activity. Instead of talking to Aunt Betty about her awesome pumpkin pie, spend time asking how she’s doing and what’s new in her life! Instead of focusing on the football game, ask your buddies how their kids and grandkids are doing! Instead of just plotting a strategy with your shopping buddies for hitting the best bargains, plot a strategy for how you’ll spend time together over the next few months!

Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to thank God for the blessings that He’s given us over the past year. Yes, those blessings include food, clothing, and recreation. More importantly, though, those blessings include the people with whom we share our lives. Give thanks to God for them this year, by spending time caring for them!

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