St. Maurice is a Roman Catholic parish family united by our celebration of vibrant liturgy, a spirit of generosity and the diverse backgrounds, talents and gifts of our members.

We gather as a faith community to participate in the sacraments and deepen our understanding of the will and mercy of God the Father, the love and teachings of Jesus Christ his Son and the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.


In the spirit of those who built and nurtured St. Maurice Parish over the decades, we remain committed to do God’s will and to further His kingdom on earth by welcoming parishioners, visitors and all in need of a Church community.  Our parish fosters worship, spirituality, growth in faith and responsible stewardship.  Based on the foundation of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the preaching of the Apostles and the teaching of the Church, we will continue to cultivate a supportive, collaborative, vibrant and service-oriented Parish.

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