May 28, 2017

As the On Mission for the Church Alive! process moves forward, I would like to highlight a few points which are critical in understanding the process.

No decisions can be made about buildings, campuses or facilities until the new parish boundaries are determined. Only in understanding the needs of the parish can one understand which facilities will be most beneficial. You cannot form a parish around buildings—a parish is about PEOPLE not buildings!

If someone tells you that a specific campus or building is closing, they are merely speculating and spreading rumor. This is very harmful to our faith community. Remember, using the language of On Mission, our Church cannot close and ALL of our parishes in the diocese are being transformed into (hopefully) new vibrant parishes.

Our focus must be on our current parish and its future. The temptation will be to look at the groupings on the On Mission Website and start comparing us to others. We need to refrain from the mindset of ‘if them why not us’ and remain focused on doing what is best for our parish and grouping. Our focus is on our own transformation and not on what others are doing.

The SurveyMonkey survey is still available for your input. There are hard copies available at the Welcome Desk if you do not have access to the internet. The survey can be accessed via the Internet:

It is important to remember that East Catholic School is its own entity and its continued success, growth, and flourishment exists outside of the parish level of the On Mission process. If you have questions about the school, please contact school personnel directly.


CHURCH: The Body of Christ spreading the good news of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.(Remember, when speaking with the vocabulary of On Mission for the Church Alive!, it is impossible for the Church to close.)

PARISH: A local (as a general rule territorial) Catholic community where people join together to worship, be educated in the faith, receive the sacraments and serve those in need.

CAMPUS: All the buildings located on the property of a specific site.

REGIONAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL: A Catholic elementary school that is the ministry of several parishes.

Please check the On Mission for the Church Alive! Website’s glossary (found under the ABOUT tab) for updates on new terminology being introduced in the On Mission process.

On Mission Commission will soon begin its work of reviewing all feedback and making its recommendations: This commission is a group of parish leaders representing each of the 21 districts of the diocese. It is responsible for reviewing all of the groupings and gathered feedback so it can submit a recommendation to Bishop Zubik.

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