May 14, 2017


CHURCH: The Body of Christ spreading the good news of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. (Remember, when speaking with the vocabulary of On Mission for the Church Alive!, it is impossible for the Church to close.)

PARISH: A local (as a general rule territorial) Catholic community where people join together to worship, be educated in the faith, receive the sacraments and serve those in need.

CAMPUS: All the buildings located on the property of a specific site.

REGIONAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL: A Catholic elementary school that is the ministry of several parishes.

Please check the On Mission for the Church Alive! Website’s glossary (found under the ABOUT tab) for updates on new terminology being introduced in the On Mission process.

Approaching our final opportunity to provide the diocese with feedback—June 1:

The following is being offered to you to collect feedback on our proposed grouping for the parish. Please remember that at this time we are not discussing the campus or the school, simply the parish (see definitions above).
Your feedback is critical to the success of this process!

  • Questions will be accepted via a question box at the Welcome Desk, the collection basket, or by being dropped off or e-mailed to the Parish Center Office from now until May 21.
  • A town hall meeting to answer the gathered questions and solicit feedback will be held on Sunday, May 21, following the noon Mass and on Tuesday, May 23, at 7:00 PM.
  • An online survey will be made available via SurveyMonkey with hardcopies available at the Welcome Desk. The survey can be accessed via our Website, Facebook page, or Twitter account.
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