Initiation of Adults Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RICA)

Anyone interested in learning more about the Catholic faith in order to join the Catholic Church, ​please contact the Pastoral Associate at 412-351-6008.

Sacrament of Baptism

​Baptisms are usually celebrated on the third Sunday of each month at 1:00 PM (after the 12:00 Noon Mass), except during Lent. A Baptism Seminar is required and is usually held on the first Sunday of the month after the 12:00 Noon Mass (at 1:00 PM) in the Parish Center. Please call the Parish Office at 412-271-0809 to pre-register for the seminar and to make arrangements for baptism.

Anointing of the Sick

Members of the parish who are sick or experiencing disabilities are invited to participate in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick liturgy, held each year.  Frequently Asked Questions can be found by clicking here.  Check the Weekly Bulletin or call the Parish Center at 412-271-0809 for more information.

Prayer Line

If you would like to ask other parishioners for prayers for a special intention, please call the Prayer Line at 412-871-3245 or 412-823-5228.

Bible Study

A program of Scripture study is occasionally offered to help adult parishioners become more familiar with the Bible and develop a better understanding of God’s revelation of Himself through His Word. Check the Weekly Bulletin for details.

PreCana Program (Marriage Preparation)

A group of married couples volunteers to help engaged couples prepare for marriage through the Pre-Cana Program.  Contact the Parish Center at 412-271-0809.

Sacrament of Marriage

Once a couple has decided to marry, their first move is to confer with their parish priest. Either the bride or groom must be a member of St. Maurice Parish.

Couples must contact the Parish Center at 412-271-0809, at least six months prior to their wedding date. Having presented yourself to the parish priest for the purpose of marriage, these next practical steps  must be followed:

Date and Time

The date and hour of your marriage must be finalized in cooperation with the parish priest.

Program of Marriage Instructions

A program of marriage instructions must be agreed upon and followed.

Completing Important Forms

Church laws oblige us to certain marriage forms which must be completed. These forms have reference to, a person’s baptism or non-baptism, freedom to marry, physical and mental capacity to enter into a marriage contract. In case of a mixed religion marriage, a dispensation must be sought from the Bishop.

A copy of the St. Maurice Parish Wedding Guidelines may be downloaded here.

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