June 18, 2017

Mission Week: Please remember our Mission Week participants, and those they are serving, in your prayers this week.

Parish Festival: Thank you to everyone who worked so hard during our Parish Festival. Your dedication and commitment are the lights which shine forth the true measure of our faith – – generosity, hospitality, service and caring—with a touch of patience and mercy.

On Mission Final Report to the Diocese: As the final part of our feedback to the On Mission for the Church Alive! process, The St. Maurice On Mission Team and I were asked to provide the diocese with parish feedback on the strengths of the proposed grouping, if we felt it was the best relationship possible, offer any alternative ideas, share our concerns and suggestions for implementation, and to note the top themes of feedback from you. This is a summary of that final report which was submitted to the diocese this past week.

We indicated that the strength of the grouping was found in pre-existing relationships, most especially through East Catholic School, Inc. and being part of the same local public school district. Given these pre-existing relationships, our children and families have already formed supportive communities which can be expanded upon.

We questioned the inclusion of Saint Jude the Apostle into the grouping. We noted that St. Jude isn’t already closely tied to all the other parishes in the grouping and they fall outside of the pre-existing relationships like a common public school district, geographic proximity and the consortium which comprises East Catholic. We raised concerns over the size of the new parish and the administrative burden that would place on the priest(s)
asked to develop the new parish community. In addition, we identified as concerns those elderly who depend on others for transportation and their ability to attend Mass, the ability of each campus to meet the needs of our special needs parishioners (ADA accessibility), community safety (especially regarding nighttime activity on campus), ample parking, the financial stability of the new parish and the existing debt. We also noted that a three-campus implementation may produce three different sub-communities and not truly form one vibrant parish family (we didn’t specifically speak against three campuses but rather noted our concern about how such a large area might be unified as one parish).

We suggested the decision regarding the closing of campuses should be announced as soon as possible, and should be made by the diocese and not placed upon the new pastor of the parish. We felt that would only build resentment towards the new leader who is coming in to shepherd the community and we didn’t think that would be fair to him or the new parish.

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