June 17, 2018

Festival Thank you: I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make the festival such a wonderful success. This includes those of you who prayed for good weather: you did a great job! It also includes everyone who volunteered for set-up and clean-up, worked a booth, worked the
kitchen (or cooked), tended the bar, called and worked bingo, worked the many areas of Keane Hall, worked the money room, or did any of the many jobs I accidently failed to mention. Please know that there was no work that was done, no matter how small, that is not deeply appreciated. Also, a special thank you to those from our neighboring parishes who volunteered to help our festival; we greatly appreciate the help and your fellowship. In a special way, I want to thank those who co-chaired this year’s festival, Frank Porco and Liz Kostandinu. The work
you gave to the parish (and the stress involved) is a true witness to living the Christian life and the precepts of the Church. Thank you.

Festival Observation: I was really moved by the help that was extended to us by the parishioners of our On Mission grouping. We have been working for the past two years to build an extended community of cooperation and collaboration and that work paid off. This year’s festival really showed how our different communities came together to be one in assistance and generosity. This is a great sign of what the future holds as we continue with the On Mission process. It also wasn’t a surprise at all. The people of our grouping are already the Church Alive! and I am happy that I have the opportunity to experience your Christian witness.

Our part of the Love Story: As I preached last week, Ordinary Time in the Church is a perfect time for each of us to deepen our personal relationship with the Lord. Although many of our ministries take time off during the summer, we, and the diocese, offer special activities during these vacation months. I encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. Please see our bulletin, website, Facebook page, twitter account or video board messages to learn about events at our parish. You will also find information about events across the diocese via their social media
accounts and the Pittsburgh Catholic.

Confessions next weekend will not be heard at St. Maurice: Due to many different activities occurring in our diocese next Saturday, I was unable to find a Priest who could cover our normally scheduled Confession time. Please know that I am available to hear your Confession during the week by appointment. If you want to go to Confession on Saturday, our neighboring parish’s Confession times are listed below and are posted on the Church front door.

Happy Father’s Day: To all our fathers, grandfathers and godfathers, I wish you a very blessed day. May St. Joseph, guardian of Jesus and chaste husband of Mary, protect you, assure you that you do not labor alone, and teach you to find Jesus in the ordinary elements of life. May St. Joseph also intercede on your behalf with Christ to provide you with the graces you need in this moment.

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