July 9, 1017

The Our Father: A few days ago I came across a reflection on the Lord’s Prayer by
St. Cyprian which really touched me. It started off with these words: “Above all, he who preaches peace and unity (Jesus) did not want us to pray by ourselves alone. We do not say “My Father, who art in heaven,” nor “Give me this day my daily bread.” The Lord’s Prayer is both prayer and lesson. As we pray it we deepen our understanding of the faith—that is the two-fold beauty of the rote prayers of the Church. St. Cyprian reminds us of the importance to pray publicly with and for each other. The Our Father teaches us this lesson and accomplished the task for praying for others; however, the greatest prayer we have to accomplish this is the Mass! May we all learn to experience the Mass with full, active and vibrant participation (and may we all share that joy with others).

Mission Week Recap from those who went:
This year’s mission week in Beaver County was a memorable experience that I will never forget. I was assigned to help build a ramp for an elderly lady’s house, because she used a wheelchair. Every day she would come out to see our progress in building this ramp, but on the last day she was so delighted and thankful that she cried. Seeing her reaction made me realize that we shouldn’t take the small things for granted. — Christian Markiewicz



Christian in action loading up the truck at Lowes and helping to dig the post holes. Plus the finished project. This work team did an incredible job!



One of the places Maggie worked was at a home fixing a garden and replacing the fence around it. This garden is the lone refuge for a man who can no longer leave his property due to health conditions; and when his wife shared the story with us, she was moved to tears knowing that we were helping her husband gain a feeling of control in his life which his illness has stolen from him.

Maggie’s group asked me to bless the garden, which I did (in the picture above I’m blessing a cup of water to sprinkle on the garden and Maggie is joining the homeowners and me in prayer).

Mission week was a very humbling experience. I helped a lot of people in varying conditions this past week and in each and every one of them I saw the joy that God gives us. They were all so happy for our help, which gave me a sense of accomplishment and made this week very memorable for me. — Maggie Scifo

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