July 30,2017

East Regional Catholic Elementary Schools Process:

The first step in preparing for the regionalization of East Regional Catholic Elementary Schools is to create an advisory board that will study the schools in the East region and develop the steps forward for the regionalization process. Recently, the clergy of the region elected the priest

directors of the advisory board from among the pastors of the region. They are:

  • Reverend Robert J. Grecco, Sacred Heart, Shadyside
  • Reverend John B. Lendvai, Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Natrona Heights and Saint Joseph, Natrona
  • Reverend Michael John Lynam, Word of God, Rankin/Swissvale and Madonna del Castello, Swissvale
  • Reverend Kenneth W. Marlovits, Saint Maurice, Forest Hills
  • Reverend Kevin G. Poecking, Saint John the Baptist, Plum Borough
  • Reverend Kris D. Stubna, Saint Paul Cathedral, Oakland

Next, all clergy of the region will be asked to nominate the five lay members of the advisory board. The lay members are to be individuals with expertise in one of the following areas: Education, Finance, Advancement or Marketing. Lay members, however, cannot be parish employees, parents of students currently in a Catholic Elementary School in the East region or parishioners of parishes from which the priest directors were elected. Once the nominations are received, the priest directors of the advisory board will elect the lay members. Updates will continue to be provided as the regionalization process moves forward.

East Catholic School, Inc. information:

To keep up to date on everything happening at East Catholic School be sure to follow the School News section of the bulletin. Great things are happening there and did happen over the summer, too. For example, Direct Technology Solutions worked hard this summer to provide updates to the school’s technology, which greatly improved the school’s ability to incorporate the latest technologies for the students. There was a dual layer reverse cross installation of wireless access points which provide the best coverage of educational space while maximizing availability to all nearby rooms. Installation of the access point in the cafeteria as well as the roaming access point on the new chromebook carts allows both system flexibility and mobility. The installation of SonicWall greatly reduces the risk of cyber-attacks and allows further site control over the access provided to students and to the guests given access to both the East Catholic School and Saint Maurice guest networks.

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