July 2, 2017

July 3rd is a special Day: Do you remember July 3, 1949? Were you at the Memory Lane Roller Rink that Sunday? If you were, you might not have been skating. That was the first Mass celebrated by Saint Maurice Parish. This week make sure you enjoy all the festivities that go with the 4th of July, but also take time to be thankful for the wonderful history of our parish,  a history that continues to bring the Gospel message to the world as we continue to Awaken our Spirit.

Mission Week Recap from those who went:

It is truly hard to explain one amazing, satisfying week in a few sentences. The week has had one of the greatest effects on me, one that I will never be able to forget. From seeing/helping people in need, to adoration, my heart was FILLED with God’s grace. Even during “down time” I felt as if God was telling me that I was doing the right thing by being on Mission Week. The experiences that everyone had with God and His grace were truly astounding. I want to thank everyone who made it possible for us to go on this trip. It was absolutely an amazing experience and I am looking forward to next year. God Bless — Julianna Kustra

Julianna working on a flower bed. She picked the flowers to plant and suggested adding this special touch to the project after the other work was completed early. The homeowner loved it!

A view of the candlelight procession ending our Eucharistic Adoration.

Matthew not only worked with kids at the summer lunch program but also helped to paint this house (the work crew is on a lunch break in this photo having just been delivered freshly made pepperoni rolls).

After entering Mission Week 2017 with low expectations, I am proud to say that it was nothing but a positive experience for me! My worksite, which was a summer lunch program for kids, allowed me to see God on a day-to-day basis through the joy of the children. I would highly recommend Mission Week to teenagers looking to have fun, make friends, and most importantly, strengthen their faith. — Matthew Kostandinu

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