July 16, 2017

Fake News/Gluten Hosts: This past week there were several news stories about the Vatican banning gluten free hosts for use at communion. The false news report indicated that the Vatican had banned those with celiac disease from receiving communion. I assure you, the Church hasn’t banned anyone from receiving communion due to dietary or health issues. The specifications that govern what constitutes legitimate matter for the hosts and wine are governed by the Church. Our parish is in compliance with these rules while also pastorally ministering to those in need of special  accommodations. Whereas, it is true, hosts with no gluten cannot be used for communion, it is important to remember that low-gluten hosts are
valid matter and are used at this parish for those in need. In fact, to accommodate those with special needs, we even have a special chalice for those who can only receive the precious blood—this chalice ensures there is no cross contamination of the Blood of Christ with gluten from the hosts. If you are currently not receiving communion due to a gluten issue or any other special dietary need, please see me.

Mission Week Recap from those who went:
Mission week was a really great experience for me. My group helped stain and paint this woman’s porches, and her thanks at the end made it all worth it. It was amazing meeting so many new people and the whole experience really helped me grow in my faith. — Claire Biertempfel


The entire group.

Aaron, wearing the green shirt, pictured while in action.

Our group meeting for Parish Time: when we reviewed the day and discussed how we encountered our Lord.

Mission Week is an INCREDIBLE experience that helps develop and strengthen your relationship with God. You get a chance to meet people from all over the Diocese, and not only help folks in needy communities, but interact with those that struggle daily with misfortune and suffering, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. I helped chip and paint a white stucco house with blue trim all week. I want to thank the parishioners who made donations towards the trip or prayed for its success. Because of you, my brother and I could attend a truly inspiring, spectacular, and memorable retreat. I highly recommend everyone to go on a trip like this at least once. You won’t regret it. – Aaron Markiewicz

BABY GIRL KLEMENCIC: Congratulations to staff member Jo Ann McLaughlin-Klemencic and her husband Jake on the birth of their daughter born on July 10. No name available at bulletin publication time!!

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