Janury 20, 2018

What does the word Mass mean: Last weekend, in my homily, I talked about how we don’t come to Mass to follow God. The point I was making was that we follow God as we live our lives in the world, which IS our call to holiness and evangelizations. But this idea should have been obvious to all of us even before I spoke it. Why? Because of the word Mass itself. The English word “Mass” comes from the Latin word missa, which means to be “sent.” This Latin word has been used since about the 6th century to describe the Catholic celebration of the Eucharist. The word is used during the conclusion of the celebration when, spoken in Latin, it is said, “Ite, missa est.” Pope Benedict XVI expanded on these words. He wrote, “In antiquity, missa simply meant ‘dismissal.’ However in Christian usage it gradually took on a deeper meaning. The word ‘dismissal’ has come to imply a ‘mission.’ This succinctly expresses the missionary nature of the Church. Viewed in this framework, the “Mass” is not just an isolated celebration on a Sunday, but rather a startingpoint for our Christian witness. The Mass sends us forth into the world to be followers of Christ and his hands, feet, and voice. Let us all go forth on mission!

Update on Lumbar Fusion and Laminectomy Surgery and a Thank You

Dear Christ’s Faithful,
For seven years I have endured lower back pain and have sought medical attention, but to no avail. A recent MRI revealed a ruptured disc and damaged nerves. Based on the severity of the rupture, the orthopedic surgeon recommended Lumbar Fusion and Laminectomy surgery as the best option. Due to the excessive cost of the surgery, I considered living with the pain even though it impedes my efficiency in ministry and diminishes the quality of my life.

I had decided to follow the doctor’s recommendation and proceed with surgery which was scheduled for Tuesday, January 16. But I then took into consideration my travel home, the long flight and long drive that I must take, and decided that this is not the right time for surgery. Therefore, I have postponed my operation until I return to the United States in the Fall.

I appreciate your prayers and concern and ask that you continue to pray for me. Thank you again for the constant support and care I have received since coming to your welcoming parish. Thank you for assisting me with my bills – – medical, travel and otherwise. Your generosity is a sign of God’s love alive in you. Always in my prayers and may God richly bless you.

Fr. Daniel A. Adjei

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