January 14, 2018

Thank you: I really wish that I could send each of you a personalized thank you for the wonderful gifts you gave me for Christmas. However, that probably is not going to be possible. Please know how deeply I appreciate the cards, gifts, prayers, and cookies. You have been so very kind to me and I cannot put into words how much that means. Thank you. I pray, and will continue to pray, that you are greatly blessed in 2018.

Gifts to the parish: I’d also like to say thank you to those who have recently donated items to the parish. We have received many gifts including two televisions, a movable TV stand, sanctuary bells, and the cost to replace a lighting fixture. These, of course, are specific items that have been donated. Please know how much all of your financial contributions are appreciated as we continue to maintain our parish and increase our ministries.

Epiphany home blessing: Last week we celebrated the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord. This is a typical time for blessing one’s home and it was intended that we would have had chalk and prayers available for you. Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen difficulty, our Epiphany blessing was not able to be set up for the weekend. So, this weekend we will provide the items needed for you to bless your home. As they say, better late than never.

Say thanks to Fr. Daniel: Many of you noticed the work crews here throughout the week. They were taking care of some smoke damage that occurred due to a very small fire. The flames, the result of a simple human error, were quickly put out by Fr. Daniel. Due to his quick action there was minimal damage and the situation was immediately addressed. So, thank you, Fr. Daniel!

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