How Do I Become Catholic?

Adults come into the Catholic Church by a process called The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). The process can be for people who were never baptized, or are coming from a different denomination or even people who were baptized Catholic and never received any other sacraments.

The process usually lasts at least seven months but could continue longer or shorter depending on the person and situation. The process involves group sessions which start in the Fall and rites which helps the person move towards reception of sacraments usually at Easter Vigil. The sessions continue until Pentecost.

At St Maurice, we have a team of parishioners and staff including the pastor who conduct the process.  Also, there are modifications in this process for children who are past the age of seven. Children under this age can receive Baptism according to the Infant rite.

Anyone interested in knowing more about this process can contact the Parish Office at 412-271-0809 or email.






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