Funeral Liturgy Planning

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Music plays a vital role in the Rite of Christian Burial in the Catholic Church.  Music offers comfort to grieving loved ones while reminding us of the promise of everlasting life.

The family of the deceased is welcome to select the music for the funeral liturgy.  When the Parish Center is notified of a death in our Parish, the Funeral Home is forwarded a Funeral Liturgy Planning Sheet, which offers guidance in selecting readings and music for the Funeral Mass.  (Many local funeral homes already have copies of the forms for your use.)

The family is invited to select two readings, the Responsorial Psalm and hymns for the Mass.  Upon completion, the Planning Sheet is faxed to the Parish Center and forwarded to the Priest and Director of Music for incorporation into the Funeral Liturgy.  The St. Maurice Resurrection Choir  sings for all Parish Funerals and the Director of Music usually acts as cantor.

Special Requests should be made with as much notice as possible to allow for adequate preparation time for those involved.  Family members will want to remember that secular music is not appropriate for the Mass. We also suggest that families give considerable thought before asking children to provide music for the Mass.  Sometimes, the combined stress of the funeral itself and the need to “perform” before family and friends is very difficult for the children to handle.

A  Funeral Liturgy Planning sheet can be found here.  If you have any questions, please call the Parish Center or contact the Director of Music using the phone number on the planning sheet.

Anyone wishing to pre-plan their own funeral liturgy may complete the planning form and forward it to the Parish Center.  Please be sure to let your next of kin know that you have done this!

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