December 9, 2018

Many have asked how our interim Mass schedule was developed (usually, in the context of asking “why couldn’t my parish keep this Mass or have that Mass time?”).  I thought I’d share with you the thoughts that went into the development of our weekend Mass schedule.

As we prepared for October, the current clergy team (myself, Fr. Mohler, and Fr. Vince) met with Fr. John, Fr. Al, and Fr. Ken, in order to hear their recommendations for the schedule.  Here were the considerations and recommendations we discussed:

• Based on our current Mass attendance and our anticipated future clergy resources, our grouping could handle six weekend Masses.
• Since our grouping consists of three geographic regions (roughly speaking, Braddock/Swissvale/Forest Hills), it was thought that the most equitable schedule would give each region two weekend Masses.
• At most, we could support two Saturday Anticipated Masses.
• The earliest possible time for a Saturday Anticipated Mass is 4:00 PM.  Therefore, the earliest time for the second Mass is 5:30 PM.
• Since the most well-attended Saturday Mass is the 4:00 PM, we were required to schedule it at the church with the greatest capacity in the pews and in their parking lot.
• It was decided that a Mass on noon or later on Sunday wasn’t feasible, since attendance during the Fall would drop off precipitously.

With these constraints in mind, the recommendation from Fr. John, Fr. Al, and Fr. Ken is the schedule that we adopted.  In the January/February timeframe, we’ll provide an opportunity for you to share your thoughts and suggestions for the interim schedule!

Some have asked me “I can’t attend my parish’s Mass time. How can I support my parish?”  The answer is simple: when you attend any Mass in our grouping, and use your parish envelope to make your contribution, your contribution goes solely to the upkeep of your parish, and your attendance is noted as support of your parish.

Please keep your questions coming! I appreciate the opportunity to share information about our plans with you!

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