December 23, 2018

So… do you notice any difference in this week’s bulletin? Over the past few weeks, people have been asking me if we would be able to place the bulletins from our four parishes at each church (so that, if they attend Mass at any one of our parishes, then they’d be able to pick up the bulletin from their parish). In response to those requests, we’ve merged our bulletins! Beginning with this issue, we will have a single bulletin, and it will contain information for all four of our parishes! Our bulletin will have individual pages devoted to each of our parishes, so that you can keep up to date with parish activities, and it will list all the Masses of our grouping in one place (see the list, above). Our hope is that, by providing the information in a single publication, it will be more convenient for you!

Christmas falls on Tuesday this week, so I’d like to take a moment to wish everyone a blessed and Merry Christmas! It’s been a trying year, on many fronts, but my prayer for you and your loved ones is that the peace of the Christmas season will fill your hearts! As you say a prayer for the health and welfare of your loved ones this holiday season, please join me in praying for all of the parishioners of our four parishes!

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