December 2, 2018

Anointing is also one of the sacraments that can be received more than once. However, whereas the Eucharist can be received daily, the sacrament of Anointing is normally received much less frequently. The Church instructs us that the anointing of the sick is given to a Catholic who “begins to be in danger due to sickness or old age” and “can be repeated if the sick person, having recovered, again becomes gravely ill or if the condition becomes more grave” (CIC, c.1004).

In our parishes, we had become accustomed to the practice of anointing being administered following our weekend Masses. With the arrival of Fr. Vince as our parish chaplain, we now have the opportunity to offer this sacrament on demand (instead of following Mass), when the need arises in your life. Please contact Fr. Vince at 412-737-3350 if you or a loved
one wishes to receive the sacrament of the anointing of the sick at home!

Over the past three weeks, I’ve spoken briefly at our weekend Masses about the sacrament of anointing. It’s a sacrament that’s often misunderstood, both in terms of what it is and the frequency with which it can be received. For some, it’s simply a ‘blessing’. However, it’s actually one of the seven sacraments that Jesus instituted in order to fill us with His grace. For many, it’s associated with death (as part of the reception of the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Anointing commonly known as ‘Last Rites’). However, Anointing is all about asking the Holy Spirit to bring healing – be it physical, emotional, or spiritual! Anointing is one of the two sacraments of healing with Reconciliation being the other). It is common for the person receiving anointing also to request Reconciliation at the
same time.

In addition, planning is underway for the celebration of periodic “Masses with Anointing” in our grouping. Please keep an eye on the bulletin in the near future for more details!

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