Parish Office Hours Keane Hall Bulletin
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm; 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm Phone: 412-723-1200 Deadline: Monday – 2:00 pm

All parishioners and visitors to the website can contact any of our clergy or staff for further information or to address a specific issue. You may do so by phone (412-271-0809) or fax (412-271-2415). For a specific issue, please review the information below and contact the appropriate clergy/staff:

Name Position/Ministry Phone/Fax Email
Fr. Frank D. Almade Administrator 412-271-0809; Fax: 412-271-2415
Fr. Martin F. Barkin Senior Parochial Vicar 412-271-0809
Fr. Albert J. Semler Senior Parochial Vicar 412-271-0809
Fr. Jeremy J. Mohler Parochial Vicar 412-271-0809 Fr. Jeremy J. Mohler
Fr. Daniel A. Adjei In Residence 412-271-0809 Fr. Daniel A. Adjei
Joseph M. Dougherty Deacon 412-271-0809 Joseph M. Dougherty
Keith G. Kondrich Deacon 412-271-0809 Keith G. Kondrich
Herb E. Riley Deacon 412-271-0809
Norman Chapman, CAGO Music Ministry 412-271-6265 Norman Chapman
Cheryl Kirkland Director of Religious Education 412-351-6710 Cheryl Kirkland
Kelley Rodgers Business Manager 412-271-0809 Kelley Rodgers
Judy Kosar Secretary 412-271-0809; Fax: 412-271-2415 Judy Kosar
LaVerne Caprara Secretary 412-271-0809; Fax: 412-271-2415 LaVerne Caprara
Mr. David Barr, BS, MSEd Principal, East Catholic School 412-351-5403; Fax: 412-273-9114;
Mr. David Barr


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