August 12, 2018

New Interim Mass schedule to be released next weekend. For an update on the release of the new Mass schedule, and how to prepare ourselves for the change it will bring, I am going to borrow heavily from what Fr. Kevin Fazio shared with his new grouping of parishes in Butler. Please keep in mind that the one constant to expect with the On Mission initiative is change, more change, and perhaps more change for a number of years, until the On Mission “dust settles,” so to speak. While many of us may not like to hear this, it is a reality of the times that we are living in.

When the interim Mass schedule is published, please be mindful that we (current clergy – Fr. Al Semler, Fr. John Lynam, and I) and the future clergy team considered numerous factors in our proposal to Fr. Fred Cain, our regional vicar, some of which included: the total number of parishioners attending weekend and Holy Day Masses; the church buildings’ seating capacity, access, condition, location, and parking (including campus traffic patterns/concerns); the religious education (CCD) schedules; our region’s demographic and population trends, and the number of funerals celebrated each week. We also gave great consideration to the reality that our grouping of four parishes is slated to have only two priests by year 2025, if not sooner.

We attempted to do our very best in anticipating the needs of our community in light of future realities and to suggest a Mass and Confession schedule that would be stable. Yet, no one can predict the future and this announcement is the INTERIM MASS/CONFESSION TIMES. At what point in the future this might/will change, I cannot say; but change is a real possibility.

Our main objective as clergy (the outgoing and incoming clergy teams) is to serve you, to participate in our community, to listen, to observe, and then to make decisions…one moment at a time. None of us can do everything; we can only do the next thing!

I ask that everyone please be understanding, patient, and flexible with these changes, especially those of you who worship and participate at Mass and in various ministries. Our recent change to our scheduling system was made in the hope that it better prepares us to meet the needs and desires of those who offer a liturgical ministry here at the parish. It is one small step we have taken to help ease this transition. Still, the clergy recognizes and respects that all leaders of liturgical ministries (music directors, cantors, musicians, Lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, ushers, greeters, altar servers, etc.), and all involved in our religious education programs, will be greatly impacted by this change. We will do our best to keep you informed and assist you in the transition. As more information is given to us we will respond in a way that allows all of us to best meet the challenges and opportunities as they become known.

“Be not afraid!” Jesus often-times says to us, when change is necessary. Let us keep this in heart, mind and prayer as we support one another on this journey

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