April 30, 2017


CHURCH: The Body of Christ spreading the good news of God’s love, mercy and forgiveness in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. (Remember, when speaking with the vocabulary of On Mission for the Church Alive!, it is impossible for the Church to close.)

PARISH: A local (as a general rule territorial) Catholic community where people join together to worship, be educated in the faith, receive the sacraments and serve those in need.
CAMPUS: All the buildings located on the property of a specific site.
REGIONAL CATHOLIC SCHOOL: A Catholic elementary school that is the ministry of several parishes.

Please check the On Mission for the Church Alive! Website’s glossary (found under the ABOUT tab) for updates

on new terminology being introduced in the On Mission process.
Approaching our final opportunity to provide the diocese with feedback: This week the Parish On Mission team will have the opportunity to see, for the first time, the adjusted On Mission proposal from the Diocese. This latest proposal has been modified from the original three models shown to us in October based upon the input received from you (the parishioners of all the parishes) and from the parish On Mission Teams (from all the parishes). The new proposal was created by discerning the wants, needs, and desires of everyone and not simply one parish. This means that when we examine the proposal we will need to critically evaluate it based upon the territory it will encompass and not simply from the view of what is most convenient for our current parish boundaries or campus.

We have done so much GREAT work towards On Mission thus far: When I arrived at the parish I was so thankful that Fr. John had completed the process of the Parish Pastoral Plan. This plan is the basis for allowing us to respond to the Bishop’s call to form vibrant parishes with effective ministries. And we have worked very hard to embrace this call! We understand what it means to be Church—and that the Church is not closing. We have strengthened our identity, formed new partnerships and alliances with organizations and people in the surrounding community, and we have reached across the ocean to help our brothers and sisters become part of the Church Alive! Our census continues to be updated so we can be effective ministers to all our parishioners. Our campus is undergoing technological improvements so the latest tools for evangelization can be utilized. We have expanded our cooperation with our neighboring parishes. Our Welcome Desk and Hospitality Committee are flourishing. Our sister parish program is off to a wonderful start. We have formed new partnerships with those receiving sacraments in the parish. We have expanded our faith formation for adults. These are just the first steps! By responding, and not reacting, to the On Mission process we are fulfilling the mission of Jesus and His Church. Each week we grow in our knowledge of Jesus, our love of Jesus, and the ways we take Jesus into the world through our lives.

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