April 21, 2018

Announcement Weekend for On Mission for the Church Alive! This week is going to be a very busy, and may I add stressful, time  concerning On Mission for the Church Alive!. So, even before I outline what will be happening, let me begin with a very sincere and important request. Please pray every day of this week for our diocese, Bishop Zubik, all the clergy (Deacons and Priests) and all the staff.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday the Bishop will be holding meetings with clergy teams for each of the new groupings. This will be the first time the clergy teams are together and have the opportunity to speak to one another and acknowledge their new assignments.

On Thursday there will be the Clergy Convocation focused entirely on On Mission announcements. On that day, following a period of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration, the clergy will see the final groupings along with the respected clergy assignments. It is at that time that the clergy will learn the big picture of who is assigned where throughout the diocese (up until that point all the clergy will know is where, and with whom, they are assigned). The information shared at the convocation will not be made public until Saturday.

At the convocation the clergy will receive a letter to be read at all weekend Masses. This letter will announce the grouping and assigned clergy―which will take effect on October 15, 2018. If it is relevant, the announcement will also be made as to where currently assigned clergy will be newly assigned. At the convocation, an informational sheet specific to each clergy’s current grouping will also be distributed and will be placed in the bulletin the weekend of May 5/6 and be mailed to each parishioner.*

Friday will be a day of prayer and processing for the clergy. Remember to pray for us!

On Saturday Bishop Zubik will hold a press conference at 4:00 PM to share information with the media about the On Mission assignments. After this press conference all information concerning On Mission will be available to the public.

That evening I will share with all of you (who attend the 5:00 PM Mass) the letter I receive at the convocation. I will read this letter at the end of Mass just prior to the final dismissal.

On Sunday I will follow the same procedure as I will use for the Saturday night Mass. So, immediately prior to the final dismissal I will read the letter notifying us of the grouping and pertinent clergy assignments.

I do ask this favor of you. Please do not ask me questions about the grouping or my assignment prior to the conclusion of the Saturday 5:00 PM Mass. I wish to honor the Bishop’s request for this information to remain confidential and I would like to be as focused as possible for the celebration of that Mass (which will be hard enough without having already begun the On Mission assignment discussions).

*If you do not receive this letter it is a very good indication that you did not have your parish census updated last year and you should contact the Parish Center Office to update your census and make your record active within the computer system.

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