April 15, 2018

Fish Fry people, to you I say Thanks! As I know you all can imagine, it takes a great effort to host the fish fry. I have so much admiration for all the workers who dedicated so much time to making this not only a successful fundraiser but also a pleasant experience for everyone who attended. The food was great, the volunteers even better. Yet, once again, I know that I cannot thank by name everyone who was instrumental in helping with the fish fry. Know that I remember you in my prayers and am deeply thankful for all you do. I am sure that the entire East Catholic School community is also deeply thankful for your time and effort in supporting the school via this fundraiser. Thank you, thank you and thank you!

I need to say thank you to another large group: To all of you who sent me cards, gifts, food, and prayers this Easter, please know of my appreciation for your gifts and kindness. My greatest pleasure is truly found in my attempt to bring to you the best liturgies possible; however, I also greatly benefit from your wonderful acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you! I know that God will reward you richly due to the kindness you have shown to me, one of his priests.

Spring Cleanup day: As I write this, the weather man is predicting temperatures in the 70’s for when you read this. Let’s hope for two great weekends in a row! Our spring cleanup is going to be a casual come-if-and-when-you can day. Saturday, April 21, will be the day we tackle the grounds. Our main goals are to pick up trash, clean up fallen branches and such, prep flower beds and “garden” areas, and continue some work on the rectory hillside and around the outdoor stations. We also have an aggressive goal―to reclaim some of the top parking lot. In order to accomplish that, we will have a chipper in the upper lot and would love to have a few adults come out with chainsaws to clean up some of the smaller nuisance brush. If you can help in that way, please contact me and let me know.  Of course, everyone is welcome to come out and help in any way. We can use the method of if it looks like it needs to be cleaned, go ahead and clean it! As I said at Mass last week, if you cannot help in the cleanup, please pray for good weather!

Confirmation: Please remember to pray for all of those being confirmed on Monday the 16th. May the Holy Spirit enliven their faith and inspire them to become fully active members of our Church.

Our Next Becoming Confidently Catholic: April 21 at 6:30 PM. Our guest speaker will talk about what the young adults are seeking from the Church. This should be a great way to learn how to make that first level of connection with the generation that is either going to fall completely away from the faith or radically energize it.

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