Readers ask: When Is Saint Swithins Day?

What gets predicted on St Swithins day?

According to the old saying, if it rains on St Swithin’s Day it will rain for the next 40 days. If St Swithin’s Day is dry, the next 40 days will also be dry. No one takes the prediction literally – in fact, few take it seriously!

What is St Swithin the patron saint of?

The patron saint of the cathedral is St. Swithin, who became bishop of Winchester in 862. Weather frequently changes around midsummer, and, thus, the tradition that this day influences the weather may stem from earlier, possibly pre-Christian, belief.

Did it rain on St Swithin’s Day?

St Swithin was the bishop of Winchester and died on the 2nd of July 862. Swithin was buried outside his cathedral at his request, so that the “sweet rain of heaven” could fall on his grave. Rain did fall during the second half of July but August was a particularly hot month and dry.

How did St Swithin die?

Only one miracle is attributed to Swithin while he was alive. An old lady’s eggs had been smashed by workmen building a church. Swithin picked the broken eggs up and, it is said, they miraculously became whole again. Swithin died on 2 July 862.

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Which town is St Swithin associated with?

With his link to the town of Winchester, Swithun is unsurprisingly well remembered across the south of England and particularly in Hampshire. However, St Swithun is also honoured as far afield as Norway, where he is commemorated at Stavanger Cathedral.

Has it ever rained for 40 days and 40 nights?

Rain fell for ” forty days and forty nights.” Rain fell until “all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered.” The water receded in 150 days. Noah released all of the creatures he had carried in the ark.

Where is St Swithins bridge?

A bridge that crosses the River Itchen into the city of Winchester has stood here since around 500AD This one was built in Victorian times, but the original bridge’s foundations are still below it – Taken from the City Mill, that still uses the water to grind flower.

What saint is celebrated on July 15?

Swithin, Swithin also spelled Swithun, (born c. 800—died July 2, 862, Winchester, Hampshire, England; feast day July 15), celebrated Anglo-Saxon saint, bishop of Winchester, and royal counselor whose name is still associated with an old meteorological superstition.

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