Readers ask: What Happened To George Saint Pierre?

Is George St-Pierre going to fight again?

Georges St – Pierre won’t grace the Octagon again as an active fighter, but don’t worry, he’s okay with that. “It’s gonna be all right,” he laughed, shortly after making his official retirement announcement at Bell Centre in his hometown of Montreal. “It’s a new chapter.”

Why did George Saint Pierre retire?

I’m very happy to do it.” St – Pierre ended a four-year sabbatical to fight Bisping. He vacated the middleweight championship one month after winning it after being with ulcerative colitis. In addition to holding the middleweight title, St – Pierre was a two-time UFC welterweight champion.

Who did Georges St-Pierre loss to?

Georges St-Pierre has explained why his crushing defeat to Matt Serra was the “most humiliating” moment of his glittering UFC career. St-Pierre, 39, walked away from the UFC in 2017 with a tremendous 26-2 professional MMA record.

How much is George St-Pierre net worth?

Pierre’s Net Worth is estimated to be $30 million. George St.

Who is the greatest UFC fights of all time?

The 50 greatest MMA fights of all time

  • Gilbert Melendez vs. Diego Sanchez.
  • Jorge Santiago vs. Kazuo Misaki 2.
  • Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva.
  • Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi.
  • Pat Barry vs. Cheick Kongo. (UFC Live, 2011)
  • Leonard Garcia vs. Chan Sung Jung. (WEC 48, 2010)
  • Michael Chandler vs. Eddie Alvarez 1. (Bellator 58, 2011)
  • Nick Diaz vs. Paul Daley.
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Why is GSP the goat?

Georges St-Pierre is often considered the greatest MMA fighter for many reasons. He has beaten everyone who beat him and retired as the champion. Khabib Nurmagomedov has done the same, but without losing even a single MMA fight. This has re-opened the debate for GOAT, and GSP has aired his thoughts.

Was George St-Pierre on steroids?

While there we picked up some commentary on the topic of performance enhancing drugs. GSP quickly admits he’s not against steroids, but also explains why. And don’t twist his words. He does not think fighters should use steroids, but because it’s in their contracts to not do so.

Did George St-Pierre do steroids?

“ Georges St – Pierre was on steroids when I fought him,” Diaz told on Chael Sonnen’s podcast in 2015. “They didn’t test us because I would have tested positive for sure. I thought it was my last fight ever.

Is khabib the goat?

Former UFC two-weight champion Daniel Cormier, who was Nurmagomedov’s teammate at American Kickboxing Academy, said Nurmagomedov is the GOAT. Among Nurmagomedov’s credentials is a 29-0 record, which included losing just two rounds, one to Conor McGregor and the first round to Justin Gaethje.

Who is better GSP or khabib?

GSP wins all except maybe debut. This is due to the fact that GSP a stronger, faster khabib. Khabib has the edge in wrestling, but not by a large enough margin to offset GSP’s other advantages. GSP’s precise striking and grappling skills are elite.

Who is undefeated in UFC?

A Complete List of 20 Undefeated UFC Fighters

  • Getty Images.
  • Shamil Gamzatov, 14-0-0. UFC.
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov, 29-0-0. Getty Images.
  • Sean Brady, 14-0-0. Getty Images.
  • Jack Shore, 13-0-0. Getty Images.
  • Mark O. Madsen, 10-0-0.
  • Jamahal Hill, 8-0-0. Getty Images.
  • Ciryl Gane, 8-0-0. Getty Images.
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How did Bisping lose his eye?

Bisping suffers from strabismus, which is a condition in which the eyes are not properly aligned when looking at an object. This was caused by a detached retina injury from the fight with Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX: Belfort vs. Bisping in 2013, which Bisping lost via technical knock out in round two.

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