Quick Answer: Saint Seiya Where To Start?

In what order should I watch Saint Seiya?

I’d say watch the main series first, then the three Hades chapter OVAs (Sanctuary, Inferno, and Elysion; in that order ). The movies can be watched anytime after the main TV series and Soushuuhen can be completely ignored (it’s a recap).

What is the first Saint Seiya series?

Saint Seiya Franchise watching order

1 Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Main series
3 Saint Seiya Movie 2: The Heated Battle of the Gods Side story. It can be watched anytime after episode 98 of the main series
4 Saint Seiya Movie 3: Legend of Crimson Youth Side story. It can be watched anytime after the first TV series.

How do you get to Saint Seiya?

Start with the classic anime, then watch the OVAS of Hades, and read Next dimension that is the canon sequel of Hades story, if you liked the series, so read the classic manga (because the anime has a lot of fillers). If you keep interested, watch Omega, but keep in mind that this anime is not canon.

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Is Shaina in love with Seiya?

In the Saint Seiya official encyclopedia, Shaina appears as Seiya’s main love interest along with Saori, it’s stated that Shaina has a 70% chance of being in a romantic relationship with Seiya. Seiya and Shaina’s voice actors, Tōru Furuya and Mami Koyama, were married, but have been divorced since 1983.

Is Marin Seiya’s sister?

Overview. Seiya is the eponymous main character of the Saint Seiya series. He is one of the eighty-eight Saints of Athena and serves loyally at her side. Due to her physical similarities to Seika, Seiya suspects that Marin may be his sister, but he later discovers he is wrong and finds his real sister.

What comes after Saint Seiya Lost Canvas?

According to My Anime List, the sequel to the Lost Canvas OVAs is Saint Seiya’s TV series.

Can Seiya beat Goku?

seiya wins against goku. in dragonball, magic is stronger than ki, remember candy vegetto. he was still sentient because he was stronger than buuhan, yet transformed into a candy nonetheless.

Who is the strongest Knight of the Zodiac?

Shun Saint of Andromeda Andromeda Shun is one of five main characters in the popular manga/anime, Saint Seiya. He is arguably one of the strongest characters in the series.

Does Netflix have Saint Seiya?

Fans wished for it, and Netflix granted it, three seasons of the classic Saint Seiya are now available to stream on Netflix! Saint Seiya is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same name by author Masami Kurumada.

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Why is Saint Seiya so popular?

Saint Seya was popular anywhere it went, basically. It is to this day regarded as a major influence on how animation in general (and mainly Japanese animation) evolved since its release. I guess the problem was that, for the people in the USA, you guys got a terrible version of it.

Is the lost canvas canon?

Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas. Of all the Saint Seiya Spin-Offs, Lost Canvas is the one most often considered Non- Canon by the fanbase. After all, it takes place within the same time period of the declared canon Next Dimension, and both manga are completely different and contradictory.

Is Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac?

Saint Seiya (Japanese: 聖闘士 セイント 星 セイ 矢 ヤ, Hepburn: Seinto Seiya ), also known as Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac or simply Knights of the Zodiac, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada.

Does Seiya love Saori?

The short answer is: No he isn’t. Even though at the very beginning of the series he most probably is, that changes quite rapidly within the series. And by the time the sanctuary chapter starts his relationship with Athena isn’t in love with Saori but does love Athena.

Is Koga Seiya’s son?

Kouga is Saori and Seiya’s biological son.

What level is Seiya?

Stats (Gaeabrande)

Level 99
Magic 58,751
Growth 999
Resistances N/A
Special Abilities N/A

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