Often asked: What Happened To The Forests Surrounding Mount Saint Helens After The Eruption?

What insight about succession did environmental scientists gain from observing the Mount Saint Helens eruptions?

The species living there were able to colonize the landmass again after volcanic eruption. Therefore, the succession theory predicted exactly how Mount Saint Helens would recover.

Where does almost all the energy that drives life on the earth originate?

The sun, directly or indirectly, is the source of all the energy available on Earth.

What does the Earth system concept emphasize?

The earth system concept emphasizes which of the following? How everything on the earth is interconnected. Glaciers are part of which sphere? A black sand beach would be considered part of which sphere? Geosphere.

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Did any plants survive the eruption if so how did they survive?

How did some plants survive eruptions? Plants survived the eruption because their roots were covered/protected by the moist soil. The serving plants were called survivors. Their role was important to the re-initiation of plants.

How many animals died in Mt St Helens eruption?

Helens eruption was the worst volcanic disaster in U.S. history, causing the deaths of 57 people and approximately 7,000 large animals.

What is the original source of almost all of the energy in most ecosystems?

The vast majority of energy that exists in food webs originates from the sun and is converted (transformed) into chemical energy by the process of photosynthesis in plants.

What is the ultimate source of energy?

The Sun is an infinite (at least in terms of human time scales) and renewable source of energy which is also by far the most important source of energy for us. Primary productivity (photosynthesis) is driven by sunlight and all our fossil fuels are derived from plants which existed millions of years ago.

Does all life depend on the sun?

Although it is true that nearly every organism on earth depends, in one way or another, on the sun for energy, this is not true for all life. Photosynthesis plays a key role in nearly all ecosystems on earth, with plants using up light energy from the sun to create simple sugars as food source.

Which layer of the atmosphere do humans live?

The troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmosphere. This is the layer where we live and where weather happens. Temperature in this layer generally decreases with height. The boundary between the stratosphere and the troposphere is called the tropopause.

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How did flooding lead to an increase in fires in the Mojave Desert thus decreasing the Joshua tree population?

How did flooding lead to an increase in fires in the Mojave Desert, thus decreasing the Joshua tree population? Flooding gave rise to more plant material, which became fuel for fires.

Which is an example of how the lithosphere influences the atmosphere?

The lithosphere can influence atmospheric processes by reducing solar radiation during volcanic eruptions. The hydrosphere is the part of the earth-ocean- atmosphere system that is covered by liquid water. Soil is an excellent example of how the earth’s “spheres” are connected.

What is causing earthquakes on Mt St Helens?

Helens, earthquakes occurring in the area surrounding the volcano, including the SHZ, are all thought to be normal “tectonic” earthquakes caused by tectonic forces that also produce earthquakes throughout western Washington and northwestern Oregon.

How did plants survive the Mount St Helens eruption?

Scattered plants managed to survive on blocks of soil that clung to the root masses of blown down trees. Huckleberries and other understory plants sprouted from soil on the root masses of blown down trees. Other plants survived in sheltered pockets beneath fallen logs.

What were scientists finding in Spirit Lake?

The scientists were finding bacteria at Spirit Lake, and the dissolved oxygen levels were so low because the bacteria were using it, causing it hard for there to be life underwater. 21: Explain how life in the lake is able to come back.

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