FAQ: Where Is Saint Helena Located?

Where is Saint Helena on the world map?

The island of St. Helena is located on the south-west of Africa in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is roughly halfway between Namibia and Brazil. Spread across just 47 sq miles, the island has volcanic origins. Saint Helena Map.

Saint Helena Territory of United Kingdom
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)
Dialing code: +290
Internet TLD .sh

Does anyone live on St Helena?

Well, yes, there are some issues about living here. Some are just matters of acclimatisation and others can remain a problem, possibly forever. St Helena is good if you like an outdoor life.

Where is St Helena USA?

Saint Helena (/həˈliːnə/) is a British possession located in the South Atlantic Ocean. It consists of a remote volcanic tropical island lying some 1,950 kilometres (1,210 mi) west of the coast of southwestern Africa, and 4,000 kilometres (2,500 mi) east of Rio de Janeiro on the South American coast.

Is St Helena safe?

St Helena is generally considered to be pretty safe. Anything more than petty theft, public drunkenness and traffic violations is rare, and the only nuisance that you’re likely to encounter is a noisy stereo or the boom of music from the bars in Jamestown on a Friday and Saturday night.

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Is St Helena expensive?

A single person estimated monthly costs are 830$ (600£) without rent. Cost of living in Saint Helena is, on average, 6.34% higher than in United States. Rent in Saint Helena is, on average, 59.06% lower than in United States.

What language is spoken in St Helena?

The island’s population is largely of mixed European (mostly British), South and East Asian, and African descent. English is the only language spoken, and the majority of the people are Anglicans. Jamestown, the only town among the settlements on St. Helena, has about one-sixth of the island’s population.

Does St Helena have an airport?

Saint Helena Airport (IATA: HLE, ICAO: FHSH) is an international airport on Saint Helena, a remote island in the south Atlantic Ocean, in the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha. The construction of the runway was finished in 2015 and the airport opened in 2016.

Can British citizens live in St Helena?

You must hold a valid passport to enter St Helena. The Immigration Service in St. Helena only issues and renews British Overseas Territory Citizen passports and British Emergency travel documents.

What is St Helena famous for?

Helena, also called Helen, (born c. 248, Drepanon?, Bithynia, Asia Minor—died c. 328, Nicomedia; Western feast day August 18; Eastern feast day [with Constantine] May 21), Roman empress who was the reputed discoverer of Christ’s cross. (See also True Cross.)

Can I emigrate to St Helena?

St Helena Island welcomes long and short-term visitors. The Immigration Section manages all applications to enter St Helena as well as applications for permission to work for people who do not hold St Helenian status.

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What currency is used in St Helena?

While the official currency is the St Helena pound, sterling bank notes are accepted in all shops and bars and the US base will accept US dollars, sterling or St Helena currency. The St Helena pound is fixed at a rate of one pound Sterling.

What is there to do in St Helena Bay?

Helena Bay are:

  • Stompneus Point Lighthouse.
  • Shelley Bay Beach.
  • Vasco Da Gama Statue.
  • Shelley Point Country Club & Golf Course.
  • Out On The Bay Charters.

Is there Internet on St Helena?

There are three active radio stations on Saint Helena and one company, Sure South Atlantic, that provides ” broadband, mobile phone, national & international telephone, public Internet and television re-broadcast services”.

Is there a Saint Helena?

Flavia Julia Helena (/ˈhɛlənə/; Greek: Ἑλένη, Helénē; AD c. 246/248 – c. 330), or Saint Helena, was the mother of Roman emperor Constantine the Great. Helena ranks as an important figure in the history of Christianity and of the world due to her influence on her son.

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