FAQ: How To Train A Saint Bernard Puppy?

Are Saint Bernards easy to train?

Like most working breed dogs, St. Bernards are smart and quick to learn. They typically need just 15 minutes of training a day to learn the basic tasks and have a quick understanding of one or two syllable training words.

Are Saint Bernards easy to potty train?

St. Bernards tend to pee and poop a lot, and if you don’t show them that they’ve been bad by scolding them a little then they’ll never learn their lesson. Just don’t be too aggressive, be as calm and serious as possible.

How do you discipline a Saint Bernard?

Look your Saint directly in the eyes and with a calm attitude scold them with the verbal command “NO” and give them two or three brief but firm shakes. Your Saint will accept this physical correction instinctively because it is like the method used by their mother.

Do St Bernards like to cuddle?

They love people and other dogs. As cuddly as a teddy bear but the size of a real bear. 4. St Bernards love everyone they come into contact with.

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Are Saint Bernards good house dogs?

Despite his size, the Saint Bernard is a quiet indoor dog who makes a wonderful family friend. Although he’s calm indoors, it’s nice if he has easy access to a yard where he can have a little room to spread out. He can live in small quarters, however, as long as he gets a good daily walk.

Do Saint Bernard puppies sleep a lot?

Saint Bernards tend to be lazy dogs; they sleep a lot and don’t require the same amount of exercise as other dog breeds do. However, Saint Bernard puppies are enthusiastic and full of energy, enough that you may have to work at reigning it in.

Are Saint Bernard puppies hyper?

Saint Bernards are devoted to their family and excellent with children. They seem to know how children act and treat them carefully and respectfully, even moving out of the way to avoid knocking them over. They are very gentle, patient dogs who are very playful and hyper as puppies, but placid and calm adults.

Do Saint Bernards bite?

St. Bernards have a low tendency to nip, chew, play- bite, or herd people. It’s a common habit during puppyhood, not aggressive behavior.

Do St Bernards turn on their owners?

Saint Bernards don’t attack their owners any more than other breeds. The mistake people make with giant dogs is never training or socializing them. Saint Bernards don’t attack their owners any more than other breeds. The mistake people make with giant dogs is never training or socializing them.

Can Saint Bernards be left alone?

Alone Time St. Bernards are laid-back dogs who take time alone in stride—you can leave your St. Bernard alone for half a workday without worry. But if you must leave her alone for longer than that, arrange for a neighbor or dog walker come and take her out for exercise.

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What to Know Before Getting a St Bernard?

What You Need to Know about Saint Bernard Puppies

  • It Gets Big. This is a dog that starts so small and sweet.
  • It Needs a Lot of Space.
  • It’s a Very Gentle Breed.
  • It is Easily Trained.
  • It’s Energetic.
  • It’s a Hard Worker.
  • They’re Very Good with Kids.
  • You Have to be Consistent with Training.

Do St Bernards get aggressive?

Saint Bernards are generally not very aggressive. Instead, they are mostly calm, gentle and friendly. They are known for being loving and tolerant, despite their size and are a good choice as a family dog as they do well with children.

How do I get my St Bernard puppy to stop biting?

Some ideas you can use to teach bite inhibition are: Sit down and start playing with your puppy and bring his attention to your hands. When your puppy starts to bite your hands too hard say “Ow” firmly and stop playing and stop all interaction.

Are St Bernard’s High Maintenance?

If you’re like most people and prefer not to get doused with drool and water regularly, you’ll make a habit of wiping your Saint Bernard’s mouth after every meal. Their coat isn’t particularly high – maintenance: a weekly brushing should suffice. Saint Bernards are also prone to hip dysplasia and eye problems.

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