New Parish Groupings and Assignments

On April 28th in a letter to all parishes the Bishop announced the new parish groupings and which clergy will staff those groupings . This letter will also be mailed to every household in the parish and included in May 6th bulletin. The information relative to our parish grouping is as follows:

Groupings and Assignments


Parish Grouping
• Good Shepherd
• Madonna del Castello
• St. Maurice
• Word of God

Administrator: Father Lawrence Adams
Parochial Vicar: Father Jeremy Mohler
Parish Chaplain: Father Vincent Kolo
In Residence: Father Daniel Aboagye
Deacon Joseph Dougherty
Deacon Keith Kondrich

School: East Catholic School

Maximum Number of Weekend Masses: 9  (determined based on the number of priests assigned)

Category: B

A timeline that will guide the grouping toward merger in an appropriate length of time. Ideally, groupings in Category A will complete this process by the end of 2020. Those in Category B will have until the end of 2021. Groupings in Category C will have until the end of 2023. During this time the
groupings will study and make a recommendation about which buildings will best serve the new parish.

Clergy Assignments:

All assignments effective Monday, Oct. 15, 2018

The Rev. Kenneth W. Marlovits from administrator of St. Maurice Parish, Forest Hills, to part-time senior parochial vicar of the parishes within the Adams/Cranberry/Glade Mills grouping, namely: Holy Sepulcher Parish, Glade Mills; and St. Kilian Parish, Adams/Cranberry Townships. At the same time, Father Marlovits is also appointed as chaplain to Cardinal Wuerl
North Catholic High School, Quigley Catholic High School, and Vincentian Academy.

The Rev. Lawrence D. Adams from administrator of St. Ursula Parish, Allison Park, to administrator of the parishes within the Braddock/Forest Hills/Swissvale grouping, namely: Good Shepherd Parish, Braddock/Braddock Hills/East Pittsburgh; Madonna del Castello Parish, Swissvale; St. Maurice Parish, Forest Hills; and Word of God Parish, Swissvale/Rankin.

The Rev. Jeremy J. Mohler from parochial vicar of St. Katharine Drexel Parish, Southeast Washington County, to parochial vicar of the parishes within the Braddock/Forest Hills/Swissvale grouping.

The Rev. Vincent F. Kolo from Replacement Ministry, to parish chaplain of the parishes within the Braddock/Forest Hills/Swissvale grouping.

Deacon Joseph M. Dougherty from diaconal ministry at Good Shepherd Parish, Braddock/Braddock Hills/East Pittsburgh, to ministry of sacrament and the ministry of word in the Braddock/Forest Hills/Swissvale grouping. Deacon Dougherty maintains his responsibilities of ministry of service and charity at Auberle Home.

Deacon Keith G. Kondrich from diaconal ministry at Madonna del Castello Parish Swissvale and Word of God Parish, Rankin/Swissvale, to ministry of sacrament and the ministry of word in the Braddock/Forest Hills/Swissvale grouping. In addition, Deacon Kondrich is assigned to ministry of service and charity at the Allegheny County Jail.


Administrator A priest assigned to a parish grouping to lead each of the parishes within it. An administrator has all the rights and responsibilities of a pastor but does not have a specified term. During the first year of transition his primary focus, together with his clergy team, is to build relationships with and among the parishioners.

Parochial Vicar A priest assigned to the parishes in a grouping who works in addition to and in collaboration with the administrator/pastor.

Parish Chaplain A priest assigned to a grouping who ministers at the institutions (e.g. nursing homes, jails, community hospitals) within its boundaries. He also celebrates weekend Masses in the parishes in the grouping.

Deacon An ordained man who is not a priest but is assigned to exercise his ministry in collaboration with priests, especially in the areas of service and charity. Those ordained as permanent deacons may or may not be married. Deacons assist at Mass, can preach and celebrate baptisms. They can also celebrate weddings and funeral rites outside of Mass. Deacons cannot celebrate Mass, hear Confessions nor celebrate the Anointing of the Sick. They also assist with faith formation of all ages. Deacons may be assigned to service in institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes and prisons, and often work with the poor, those with disabilities, and others in need of special pastoral care.

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